5 reasons to fly Business Class

1. Sit, Recline, and Lie in Comfort

More often than not, business class seats are the peak of luxury and well on par with First Class. After a high-powered meeting, or a week in the sun, nothing beats the extra space and a seat that recline at the push of a button.

ba business class flight seat




2. Fine Dining at 30,000 ft

Unlike on a standard class flight, business class passengers have access to complimentary champagne, world-class foods, and recipes from award-winning chefs.

Business Class Flight Dining Options

3. In-flight Privacy

As one market closes, another opens, and if deadlines are looming, the privacy of business class allows a quiet, comfortable, and tranquil space to get things done. Equally, it’s simply a quiet spot to kick back, relax, and take the weight off your shoulders.

etihad business class seat

4. Pre-flight entertainment

With our cheap business class flights, customers will often also have the benefit of enjoying exclusive lounges before take-off. They’ll have an array of wines, spirits, and nicely chilled champagne, and in some airports you can even take advantage of a spa.

business class lounge

5. Priority boarding & Chauffeur Service

Boarding can be one of the most frustrating aspects of travel; when flying business class, you board before premium and economy passengers.

business class chauffeur service












Source : justflybusiness

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